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MPSS Ecom Private Limited owns the “Bazaar Durgapur” trademark. MPSS Ecom Private Limited(firm/company) has been incorporated as per the rules and regulations specified in the Companies Act 2013.

The following domain names are under the authority of the Company.

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Flat No, 3rd Floor,
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We respect all our clients’ privacy, and we immensely value the trust that our customers place in us as a brand, as a company, and as a valuable community contributor. Below is our detailed Privacy Policy that entails all details about how the Company collects, utilizes, and discloses any customer/user/visitor information.

All customers/users/visitors must carefully read through all the terms specified in the Privacy Policy before accessing the Bazaar Durgapur Application. Only if a customer/user/visitor agrees with all terms and conditions mentioned in our Privacy Policy and approves the lawful collection, use, and disclosure of data shared by them and data concerning them they can make use of the Bazaar Durgapur Application. If anyone does not agree with the below mentioned Privacy Policy in part or full with respect to the methods used by the Company for collection or use of their details, then they are requested not to access the Bazaar Durgapur Application.

Our Privacy Policy must be read along with our User Agreement for related clauses. The terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy are subject to changes as and when the Company deems it fit, without giving any prior intimation of the same whatsoever. Hence, we request all customers/users/ visitors to occasionally check our privacy policy to stay updated with the changes made.

For any question, concerns, and doubts concerning our Privacy Policy, you can email us at

Privacy Policy

Collection, Use, and Storage of Information

We track all details about customers/users/visitors concerning their behavior on Bazaar Durgapur Application. We use this information for the purpose of conducting internal research with respect to our customer’s/user’s/visitor’s demographics and interests; to guard our customers/users/visitors; understand their requirement, and help them make purchases. We use the aggregation method to collect and evaluate this data. The details we collect, store, and use may contain the URL that you have been directed from, whether or not our application uses this URL, which URL you shall be directed to next, computer browser details, IP Address, and all other significant information associated with the customer/user/visitor interaction and communication with Bazaar Durgapur Application.

We also collect and store personal information shared by customers/users/ visitors overtime on the Bazaar Durgapur Application. We only use any such information for reasons and activities we believe are crucial for establishing for you an effective, smooth, and safe experience modified to your unique needs, including the following.

  • To help you receive quality customer care services
  • To be in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and laws.
  • To ensure the implementation of the mandatory money laundering and fraud checks and complying with the highest security standards.
  • To enable the provision of services selected by you
  • To give you information regarding various offers on products and services and update you with any ongoing promotions that we believe would interest you.
  • To intimate you with all necessary information on account and product/service from time to time.

The Company uses the contact information of customers/users and visitors to send them offers based on their prior activity and interest. It also uses the same internally to make product improvements, contact customers/users/visitors as a survey respondent and inform them about any contests won by them. The Company also uses such contact information to send customers/users/visitors promotional materials from its advertisers and contest sponsors.

Contacts Permissions

If customers/users/visitors permit Bazaar Durgapur to access their contacts ( contact number, email ID etc), it enables Bazaar Durgapur to subscribe your contacts and you to its promotional messages, ongoing offers, emails, etc. With your contact permission, your contacts and you have the privilege to access a wide range of social features such as sending across referral links to your friends and inviting your friends to try out the Bazaar Durgapur Application, etc. Our Company also stores and uses this data to make grocery item recommendations. This data is collected from your phone and stored on our servers.

Financial Information Clause

You may choose to provide the Bazaar Durgapur App with your financial information(billing address, credit card, debit card, bank account details etc.) to make payments against purchases made on the app. Our Company is exceptionally committed to keeping all such sensitive information safe and secure at all times. It also ensures that all transactions are made on approved payment gateways that are adequately digitally encrypted, follow the highest data security standards, and uses the best technology available. Please note that we use financial information only for completing transactions with you concerning purchases made on the app.

As a responsible entity, we try our best to give you the option of not divulging any particular information that you do not want us to collect, store and make use of. You can also decide not to use a specific service or feature on the Bazaar Durgapur App and opt-out of any non-essential communications from us.

Please note that making online transactions comes with its own inherent risks. You can only avoid such risks by following best security practices and making informed online transactions. Some such practices include not disclosing your login/account details to anyone else and informing our customer support team about any suspicious activity or a scenario where you feel that your account has been compromised


Our Company uses data collection tools such as “cookies” for the purpose of measuring promotional effectiveness, evaluate and manage application traffic, and to promote customer safety and security. Some features offered by Bazaar Durgapur are available only through the use of a “cookie.”

Cookies help customers/users/ visitors input their password less frequently during a session. They help us provide you information targeted towards your interests. Most of the cookies that the Company uses are session cookies. This means that they are deleted automatically from your hard drive at the end of a session. All customers/users/visitors have the option of declining our cookies if their browser permits the same. However, this means they have to keep re-entering their password frequently during a session, and they shall not be able to use certain Bazaar Durgapur App features.

If anyone sends us personal correspondence such as letters or emails, we have the right to collect and store such information into a file specific to you. By practice and by virtue, the Company does not retain any collected data for longer than it is reasonably deemed necessary by us or for periods specified in applicable laws. If a judicial body or any other competent body pursuant to applicable laws, lawfully requires the Company to disclose any data, it shall do so.

Choices Available Regarding Collection, Use, and Distribution of Information

To protect all our customers/users/visitors against misuse, loss, and or alteration of the information under our control, we have requisite electronic, managerial, and physical procedures and control checks in place. For example, only authorized personnel can access the company servers. Your information is only shared with authorized personnel and employees on a need to know basis to complete transactions or effectively deliver services requested by you. Even though we do everything in power to safeguard the confidentiuallty of your personal information, note that the use of the internet cannot be made entirely secured. As a customer/user/visitor, you agree that the Company shall not hold any liability for any lawful or unlawful disclosure of your information as a result of transmission errors and for other reasons out of our control.

Please note that we do not ask any customer/user/visitor to disclose or share any sensitive information telephonically or through emails. If you receive any such request, you are requested not to respond to the same. Also, forward information regarding the same to, and we shall take the necessary action.

Communication with Company

In the event you wish to report a breach of the Privacy Policy, you may contact the designated Grievance Officer of the Company at:

Name: Malay Nandi

Company: MPSS Ecom Private Limited


Email address:

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